HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS in 90 days!  DAY 19,  4/19/2008
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ORIGINAL DIARY NOTES MADE THIS DAY (not edited for spelling or gramhar):

None. First day of documentation. I only took pictures.


This was the first day I started documenting things. Forgive me, but I didn't make any diary notes this day. Just pictures. Looking back It's clear that after 19 days back on my program things were really starting to improve already. I'm glad I decided to take photos this day because most of the heavy flaking was gone the very next day and stayed gone. After this day my elbow did not return to the typical Psoriasis condition. Look closely at the elbow and you  can really see the healing process taking place. Keep in mind that only a week  or so earlier the condition was the normal thick, dry, cracking condition. Then check out the very next day. 


None. Didn't start the chart till later.

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