HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS in 90 days!  DAY 20,  4/20/2008
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ORIGINAL DIARY NOTES MADE THIS DAY (not edited for spelling or gramhar):

None. I didn't start a diary until later. However, I did start to take snapshots of CNN on this day. 


This was the 2nd day I started documenting things. Forgive me, but I didn't make any diary notes this day. Looking back It's clear that after 20 days back on my program things were really starting to improve already. I'm glad I decided to take photos the day before this because most of the heavy flaking was gone on this day, especially on my elbows. Later the flakiness returns to some extent but between day 19 and 20 it like the psoriasis decided to just fall off fast. The CNN date shows 4/21/08 but this was logged late California time 4/20/08.

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