HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 26,  4/26/2008
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Did my shakes. Worked out. Ate well but I had some cottage cheese. Tried garbonzo beans too to see if I break out. They were really good and I hope they donít hurt me.


I don't know if the garbanzo beans hurt or not but I do know that the next few days my Psoriasis was not very kind to me. I caution against the beans. I see that reddening has increased since about a week ago. My elbow definitely looks worse than it did when I first started documenting things. In the next few days you will read how  desperate and downhearted I become. This disease may not be physically crippling but emotionally it is. The date on the CNN screen shot shows 4/27/08 but that's because it is Eastern time (3 hours ahead) and I was up late in California.

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