HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 28,  4/28/2008
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Well today I started adding Turmeric to the shake. I did some reading last night that was pretty convincing. This doesn't not really improve the taste, but, it's not terrible either. Taste is secondary anyways. On a bad note I broke down at the coffee shop and ordered a lemon me rang pie. I only ate the filling though. so yummy but this effected my score. My nails seem to be improving again, had a movement and went to bed at a decent hour last night. Looking at the pictures I feel like I might be actually gaining a little weight around the tummy. Too much good stuff maybe, I'll reduce my eating a bit.


Later on find that the Turmeric was a bad Idea. I started adding it to my shake and all  it did was turn my hands and feet yellowish orange. I was eating too much too. After making a little adjustment I start to lose the gut and trim up. The picture of my elbow above is probably one of the best I have documenting the healing at nearly a month of the program. Flakes almost all gone but redness is quite prevalent.

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