HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 29,  4/29/2008
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had a shake. Not really feeling the taste of Turmeric. Too strong. Need to find another way of ingesting. Breakfast was as it should be, but for lunch I had candy coated walnuts and FRIED Salmon. -40 ouch! That's what I get for not asking how they prepare the Salmon. It's only been about 30 minutes and I'm already feeling a bad reaction from lunch. Good though. Might have even been worth it but I may not think so later. be a slave of this dreaded disease. It's now about 6:30 PM. Interesting and encouraging is the fact that I have very little little flaking. Normally by this time the morning lotion has lost it's effect to hold me together. The overall condition is much thinner today. Redness also seems to be reduced. I Hope the walnuts and fried Salmon don't cause trouble later tomorrow. 


Later on find that the Turmeric was a bad Idea. I started adding it to my shake and all  it did was turn my hands and feet yellowish orange. Ah to be a Ginny pig of much fun. Actually, in the following days I end up having a very red and painful break out so, maybe it was the bad diet this day, maybe it was the newly added Turmeric. Not sure. But Turmeric definitely didn't seem to help at all.

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