HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 30,  4/30/2008
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Well lets see. Today I started off pretty strong. P was well under control early on. Had a pretty stressful evening though and found that by later that night (as I was still working) my skin was drying and cracking and itching. I made the mistake of scratching and they really got HOT. I may be entering that painful stage where they start flaming. I'm use to it. I am really struggling with keeping my scores up. I'm usually more clear by 30 days on the program. Tomorrow is a new day and I have a chance to get a perfect score. Shooting for a 100 tomorrow!


Yeah this day hurt. Even my arm which had stayed relatively clear since 4/19/08 busted out in painful red! If you look closely at my stomach (click to enlarge photo) you can see how things kind of shell over. Very painful. And wow...check out that hand. It's orange as can be! This is what happens when you eat too many carrots and high doses of Tumerric spice (forget the spice. All it does is turn you yellow). Later on I realize the error of my way and correct it. Pretty funny looking back cause these things can be really subtle. I didn't even notice at the time how orange the photo was because I slowly got use to seeing orange hands. My toes turned pretty yellowish and orange too. After I stopped eating so much carrots and Tumeric things improved. So does my Psoriasis. 

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