HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 31,  5/1/2008
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Today I am in pain. My P is red (but not thick) dry like a thin shell covering each one and they are cracking / bleeding. This is the first time I've ever logged my results so well but I think I remember this stage. It's almost as if because of a fight to become normal skin but [it] can't quite yet be, each of the lesions become painful like a normal sore. Normally of course my P no matter how thick isn't really painful. Right now it is. I had only two shakes today, drank a decent amount of water in the evening but not enough during the day. I'm still really struggling with my program. It's not easy. today's score was only 55. Could have been better but I went to bed way to late. Stress could also be a factor today. Worked continues to be very difficult. Once again, I must make myself improve my scores. This week the family and I are going to Disneyland...I hope my condition improves. If I didn't have to prove that I can clear my P with nothing but the program I would put some coal tar on...but I have made promise to use nothing else and let the internal healing do the work.


This was a tuff day for me. It's easy to get discouraged. I wanted to so badly to put some coal tar or other medication on but resisted. I'm glad I  held tuff because soon I ended up seeing some quick and much needed improvements. Just hang in there. Even when it seems like you are going backwards, progress can be subtle and even invisible. Sorry I don't have a picture for  this day. I must have been pretty discouraged (which is evident by my diary notes).

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