HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 32,  5/2/2008
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well I guess this makes Day 31 of my program. I wish I was seeing better results but I'm not. This is very frustrating. I feel like I'm at a stand still of progress. My P is no longer cracking and bleeding like it was yesterday. In fact they are very thin and produced very little flaking today. The P areas are not even raised above the other's more of a texture difference. My nails have not gotten any worse but they haven't gotten better either. I guess I did ok on the diet today. It's just hard to tell what's going on. My P has been at this thinned out yet red stage for so long. I'm going to Disneyland with the family this week and I'm tempted to put on some ointment but won't. I need to let my program do it alone. 


This was a tuff day for me. It's easy to get discouraged. I wanted to so badly to put some coal tar or other medication on but resisted. I'm glad I  held tuff cause the very next day I ended up seeing some quick and much needed improvements. Just hang in there. Even when it seems like you are going backwards, progress can be subtle and even invisible.

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