HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 33,  5/3/2008
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It's Saturday May 3rd 2008. I'm glad to say that this morning I woke up and my P was very very thin. Not itchy and very few flakes. They were discolored of course but after a painful and ugly break out earlier this week I am stoked to see improvements again. This is the first day I feel like I may be better off than when I starting login things on April 19th. I took today's pictures when I woke up, before a shower or lotion. I think that is what I will start doing everyday. This way I get a better picture using the suns natural lighting instead of a flash. So from now on, pictures will be taken when I first wake up right before a shower. This will represent any flaking better too. It seems extreme but I will be taking my blender with me to Disneyland along with a cooler of diet and shake items. My poor wife. She's too good to me. But I can't risk not having these eatings available and backtracking on progress. I'll also be taking my computer and camera with me so that can document things from the hotel. PROGRESS!!!!! I also decided that I will start saving a snap shot of my progress chart each day too. I CAN DO THIS!


Clearly I was pretty excited. It's moments like these that you really need just to keep motivated. I  broke out again after this (but not as bad as before) and I  did  not end up taking my blender with me to Disneyland. Thank goodness. That would have been a bit extreme. I think it's important to remember that no matter how hard the diet is, overall quality of life (actually having one) is also important. I remember starting to pack my blender for Disneyland when my wife looked at me like I was crazy. That's all it took. I think there  has to be some give and take when you are married.  This clearly however was a pivotal day in my healing process. Psoriasis looks much better.

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