HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 35,  5/5/2008
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In the hotel this morning. Not much time write anything. Decided not to bother with the shakes while I'm on vacation so I'm just eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible. I ate muffin this morning. Not sure it was really whole wheat so I'll probably get a bad reaction later. My internet connection is not working at the hotel so I can't take a CNN snapshot. Going to Disneyland! EVENING NOW. Disneyland was of course a blast but I blew my program almost completely. Let's see GOOD: abut 5 glass of water , Steamed veges twice, and a big salad for late dinner, good nights sleep 95 points I think. but here's the BAD: Muffin, white bread, Cajun hot spicy vegetables and salmon, vinegar dressing and blue cheese. -100. so I end the day -5 points. My worst score ever! I can already feel my skin crawling too so tomorrow morning P condition score will probably suck! But screw it, I'm on vacation!


No CNN cause I was at a hotel. If there was an internet connection I didn't bother. I was on vacation after all.


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