HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 36,  5/6/2008
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Back from Disneyland...that was the best vacation ever!!! What a blast. totally worth all the little breaks in my diet and program. Let's see, today I completely blew it again. I end the day with a score of only 10. some of my worst mess ups today are pancakes, spicy chicken, some kind of deep fried burrito with lots cheese and hot stuff that my wife didn't finish but I did. Cotton candy. those things pretty much erased anything good I did. Between yesterday and today I am really feeling my skin crawl. I've been flaking very little and redness has been minor but today I am about to start blooming again for my errors. Oh well. Tomorrow will have to be a total cleansing day. Nothing but shakes and water. Might take two days of that. totally worth it (I think).


No CNN cause I was at a hotel. If there was an internet connection I didn't bother. I was on vacation after all.


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