HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 37,  5/7/2008
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I already took the pictures this morning (about 8:15 AM). As expected the redness had significantly increased since last night, thickness and more flaking than the day before. This was expected since I broke my diet so bad. LATER that day....Most all of the flakes came off in the shower and right now it's 4:00 and by comparison there is very little redness and flaking. I've been on my heavy cleansing (after breaking my diet so bad) since last night. Lots of water and nothing but green drinks and fruits. Man what I wouldn't give for an IN n Out burger right now! Oh well. This is exciting to see I'm pulling out of my poor eating while at Disneyland. I'm impressed that the charts really do show an improvement shortly after the days I apply my program. I'm feeling a fair amount of itch however. It seems this commonly happens as I approach normalcy. I think it's because partially healed skin feels more itch than full blown Psoriasis. Kind of like a healing wound that itches as it nears being completely healed. Either that or that 1/2 strawberry I just ate with a bowl of fruit is already causing a reaction. I guess I have to take a hit on my program score for that one. Darn! From a score of 70 so far today to 50 with 1/2 a stupid strawberry! ..... AT NIGHT...Ok. it's now almost 11:00 PM. I end the day pretty good having only fruit, shakes, water and then some sweet potato fries for late dinner. I score a 90 today. not bad. Looking at the photos I'm glad I decided to cut back on the carrots and Turmeric spice. My hands and feet look really yellow/orange. Gees...


Good thing I was so strict on this day..the very next day I had some really great improvements!

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