HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 38,  5/8/2008
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MORNING: Well it is now Day 38. May 8th 2008. I was glad to wake up and find very little flaking had developed overnight as can be seen in the photos I took today. Itching is at a minimum and redness is also reduced. They are also quite thin. As will be the norm here on out my photos were taken immediately after waking up, before any lotion or bathing. I'm Back on track!!! Last night however I did have a bit of Tamarind fruit. Considering that they are mostly acid and sugar I probably should have had less than I did. Today I will plan to get High scores. Off to work I go. EVENING: Well it's now 7:00 PM. I'm still at work for late appointments. went to the restroom and NO FLAKING! NO CLEAN UP! NO BRUSHING OFF MY PANTS! I am so stoked! The skin is not completely normal by any means but I haven't showered or applied lotion since this morning. Normally I have to brush off my shoes, pants etc etc but not today. Redness is also reduced. I did however break my program at lunch with a Tuna Sandwich. The mayonnaise was not a good choice, neither was the wheat bread so I hit my self for -20 points. But overall right now I am at a program score of 55. No bad. I should be able to make up the rest later tonight. to end with a score of 80 so I'm just going to finalize today's notes now with that score. Another thing I notice is that I'm looking more fit and "cut" again. Incentive to keep the work-outs up.


Enthusiasm for my program really starts to escalate at this point. After the painful and disappointing previous month there is no denying the great improvements happening. After this point I really start logging things in even more detail, often making notes one or two times throughout the day. I was exciting to see none or very little flaking towards the end of each day. But don't be fooled to think that  once you get to this point it's easy sailing. No. Harder yet is  not cheating on the program when your Psoriasis is under control. It's so easy to back pedal after seeing such great results. you have to fight the tendency to think "oh well I can eat this, if I break out I'll just be especially good the next few days". Confidence in the program can actually start to work against you in this respect. Fight the urge to think this way. The food a Psoriasis sufferer can't have are absolute POISON! Nothing less. In the coming days you will see how I start justifying little cheats to the program based on my improved condition.


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