HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 39,  5/9/2008
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MORNING: Day 39 almost half way through my expected 90 day healed date. I am extremely happy to find that progress is continuing. I probably had a little too big of portion of chicken last night but no real bad reaction. Psoriasis starting to feel more like regular skin again. Not so dry, even the small flakes that are there are more moist and skin toned (as apposed to dry and white). I showed my wife my elbow today and expressed allot of enthusiasm. Nails look pretty good, especially on my right hand (which I have not been taking photos of). Today I am determined to have a great program score. Going camping tonight with the family so I'll have to be careful and pack my meals & shakes. LATE AFTERNOON: Things still looking good. by 4:00 flaking was even less than yesterday at this time. The Psoriasis is really starting to feel like regular skin again. The flakes that are there are acting more like real thin, pliable sun-burn peelings than super dry thick and cracking psoriasis. I think this is where I really have to be careful that I don't break my diet. It's easy to start cheating when things are going well. I'm Doing good on my diet so far today...oh but what I wouldn't give for a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream or even a big huge slice of buttered bread. EVENING: Well it's now 10:00 PM I just got home from the lake with all the family. there was beer yet I had none. there were smores around the camp fire, I had none. I did however break down and have about 5 handfuls of corn chips. They were the type that are made with vegetable oil and seasoned only with salt, yet I knew better and about two hours ago I started to feel the wrath of my error. I also had a biscotti with my coffee. I know I shouldn't have had that either. My head is itching, my stomach is bright red I'm so pissed at myself. It's either the corn chips or the two handfuls of pumpkin seeds I also had, or maybe al of them but there is definitely a fire starting. I am so upset! Why couldn't I just leave the food alone. This morning and all day was so great...then I blew it. If by tomorrow I am all red and flaky for the morning photos I'm going to be so mad. From here on out...NO MORE CHEATING! High program scores period!


This was the start of a 3 day break in my program. Even though I was so mad at myself for eating those corn chips, funny thing is I start cheating on the program on the same day I hit new record improvement that morning. You have to be so careful when things actually start working. It becomes really easy to quit the program. Don't do it! That negative results of cheating may not be felt or seem right away and this makes matters worse. The next morning things weren't as bad a I expected so I cheated on the program again, then again. It finally catches up with me and I had to wait to see results as good as I had on this day. I know it's hard but don't cheat like I did.


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