HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 40,  5/10/2008
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MORNING: today is Saturday 5/10/08 9:00 AM, day 40 of my program that I started 4/1/08. Well last night I was pretty mad at myself for having so many corn ships. I definitely had a bad reaction to it but fortunately this morning I think it will pass. Most of the redness that was there last night is gone but the effects are a little more flaking this morning than I had yesterday. I happy to see that my elbow has very little redness, only a little flaking. It's more like a little dry skin, not thick at all. I took pictures today. Had I not blown the program last night I think results would look even a little better but I'm not going to complain. Time for me to make my shakes and put some in a cooler to take with me to the lake. I must make a promise to myself right now to fight the social eating urges. EVENING: It's exactly 10:00 PM I just took a shower. I was glad to find that there were not many flakes falling when I took my shirt off, however, the redness tonight is much greater than this morning. This morning after my shower I put on lotion and notice that pressure of my hand cause the redness to disappear and it took a little while for the blood to rush back and turn then pinkish red again. Tonight, They were just red no matter what and I feel the thickness coming back a bit. Once again, I blew my program. My scores were great at about 75, then I had apple pie and for dinner I somehow convinced myself it would be ok to have a slice of BBQ beef with horse radish sauce...big mistake. that was a couple hours ago and within 30 minutes I started to itch. Now I'm red from it. I'm drinking lots of water, had a shake and I'm hoping the negative results will be short lived. In social settings I really don't seem to have much will power. But at least I did not drink any alcohol. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm going to have to do another cleansing day. Nothing but shakes tomorrow. gees.



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