HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 41,  5/11/2008
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MORNING: May 11th 2008 7:45 AM. As I told my wife last night, I didn't follow my program perfectly the last two days but I definitely could have done worse. Today is a Sunday I went to bed a little late last night so I can't count a good nights sleep but I won't say it was bad either. B-movements were not good over the weekend so I better take a little something to help that along. Need some fiber, I'll use what I always do a product called "Colon Formula" by a company called "Life Plus". Getting stopped up is a bad thing and I had allot of meat over the weekend. My condition this morning is better than I thought it would be considering that last night I was fairly red. This morning most of the redness is gone replaced by the later affects of flakiness. But the flakiness is relatively minor and the Psoriasis is very thin. Just a little itchy but that will go away after my shower. Overall I'm pretty glad to see things are still progressing the way I want them to. EVENING: It's 10:06 PM. I'm such a loser. We got invited to dinner by someone outside our normal social ring and I lost it. I didn't feel like going into the whole "I'm allergic to xyz" talk. They served brownies with strawberries and whip cream and ice cream and I ate it. that was about two hours ago. I know I'm not getting away with this one. I probably set myself back by 2 weeks. I'm so angry with myself I could cry. I cheated a little bit over the weekend at the lake with family and pretty much got away with it but I don't think I'm going to get by so easy on this one. Today I was suppose to eat nothing but the shakes, fruit and water to make up for my screw ups over the past two days...instead I make an even bigger mistake. What's wrong with me? Where is my self control? Damn it! 



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