HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 42,  5/12/2008
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MORNING: May 12th 2008 day 42 of my program. Today I think I finally figured out how to use my digital camera. I was getting frustrated because allot of the images seem to be blurry. I thought it was because my hands weren't steady but today I found out I had the quality wrong or shutter speed, whatever...I think I have fixed it. I'm also going to be taking photos directly in the shower with the shower curtain behind me. With the window in there, this seems to give the best natural lighting and background. As far as my Psoriasis goes. I Was pretty upset with myself last night for eating that chocolate brownie with ice cream and strawberries and whip cream. Today I'm getting what I deserve too. Even though the pictures may look all right, compared to yesterday morning (when I didn't take pictures of course) I look a bit worse. My Psoriasis is relatively flat and smooth but they are a little shelled over and a bit more red than yesterday morning. I MUST BE STRICT moving forward or else I'll set a pattern in the wrong direction. I'm shooting for a 100 score today! 
Well it's about 1:30 now and I'm glad to notice my nails are looking much better. I checked some of my photos from 4/19/08 and compared them to now and there is definitely an improvement. I also looked at toe nail pictures and referenced some of the afflicted area markers. There is no doubt the ugly Psoriasis area is taking up a smaller portion of the nails. I'm doing pretty well on my program today (65 so far). No real itching, feeling pretty good, pretty good. If I can keep from becoming overly confident and breaking my diet I should have some pretty good photos to look at soon. The only thing I'm worried about is all the little cheating I did the past few days...I hope it doesn't have a delayed adverse affect on me. And check out that photo of my right ARM!!! That baby is looking good. My program works. there is no other explanation. When I'm in the sun I always wear long sleeves so it can't be related to the suns help. I don't put on any medications... etc etc. Pretty proud of myself right now. 
It's 7:00 PM. I was pretty happy earlier because I felt like a got by without any major repercussions from cheating on my program. Right now I think I'm learning otherwise. My Psoriasis starting crusting over a bit, itching a bit and now that thin crusting is turning into a bit of flaking. Not a lot and they are still quite thin, not too red. I think what I'm feeling is the after effects of the redness I had last night. It seems Psoriasis will get red while it is in a stage of growing skin too fast (as Psoriasis does) then that skin dies and becomes flakes. I'm not real red now so that is why I think I'm seeing the after effects of yesterday. I don't have to take pictures tomorrow (only every other day) but I think I might. I expect to have a little more flaking unless it all comes off in the shower tonight. Overall I've stuck to my diet pretty good today. If I do my work out and drink a large glass of water I'll score 95 today.



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