HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 43,  5/13/2008
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MORNING: May 13, 2008 7:53 AM. Day 43. Almost half way through what I expect to be cleared at 90 days. I wish I started logging things and taking pictures on day number one (4/1/08) but oh'well. Also, I'm wondering how well I actually stuck to the program during those first 19 days? Too late now. Today I do have a little more light flaking just as I expected. I remember feeling a little shelled over yesterday. I took a good shower last night but since most of the dead skin was still pretty attached I expected to still have some flaking today. I decided to take pictures today. Maybe I'll end up just doing it every day instead of every other day. I'm settling into a routine and it's almost easier. Today I learned a new trick on the digital camera I've been using. If I hold the button down half way it will focus then press it all the way down to take the shot. I'm sure every digital camera owner in the world knows that but me but at least the pictures will be clearer moving forward and it seems I have fixed the blurry pictures problem. My Arm doesn't look nearly as good as yesterday either. Again I think this is the ill effects of breaking my program three days in a row, the day before yesterday. Lesson learned. I'll get past this. 
AFTERNOON: It's about 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm glad to feel that some of the redness is lessoning and there is very little flaking. I'm not really itchy at all either. My arms seem to have gotten the blunt of the bad reaction. They were looking really good until about a day after breaking my program. it seems that when I eat something I shouldn't I feel an itchy reaction within about 40 minutes, then increased redness for about 10-24 hours following by increased flaking a day or two later. Makes sense. Back to work now. 
EVENING: It's 9:45 PM. I did really good on my program today. I was at a score of 105, however, I at late. 9:00. So I have to hit myself down to an 85. Not a bad score. Today my legs were a little itchy but I'm not sure it was even the psoriasis. The spots on my thigh are so dim I can't hardly even see them. The Psoriasis on my stomach never really flaked up on me today, redness was reduced and itching was not a problem. I would sneak little peaks at the progress during a restroom break at work and was pretty satisfied. Keep it up I tell my self...keep it up.



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