HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 44,  5/14/2008
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MORNING: Wednesday May 14th 2008. Well I woke up feeling a little itchy, there is some dryness and maybe even a little more redness since last night. I didn't sleep well though. Went to bed at about 11:00 and then woke up at 3:00 in the morning and couldn't fall back asleep. I'm going to have to take a hit for not getting much sleep. Maybe that's what I get for such a large late dinner last night. I logged my Psoriasis condition scores this morning and ended up flat from yesterday. About a week ago I started making a point not to look at the scores that I gave myself the days before so that I don't let it somehow effect the scores I give myself each day. I just start fresh each day and give myself a 1-10 score for Redness, Thickness, Flakiness, Itchiness, Overall and then average them all out for a final score. Last night I was really excited, this morning I'm feeling a little discouraged...kind of like "oh man, not another day of this stinking regimen". But my wife and I's 18 year anniversary is coming up on the 26th so I would really love to see some major improvements by then...for what should be obvious reasons to any married person. Gees. Psoriasis really does suck. 
LATE MORNING: It's 11:00, I'm in the office. Just uploaded the pictures I took this morning. Why do I keep getting blurry pictures? I guess it's still a pretty good reflection of progress. I'm at a score of 45 so far. LATE AFTERNOON: 2:45 PM well this sucks. I'm an idiot. My wife asked me to Ti food for lunch ( course that's not the bad part) bad part is I ordered sweet and sour chicken, fried and breaded along with white rice and a fried egg roll. IDIOT!. I'm already feeling the break out. I'm so stupid. Once again I start to see a little results and think I can eat whatever I want to. I'm my own worst enemy. Nothing but shakes for the rest of today and tomorrow. Dummy. 
EVENING: 9:00 PM. Wow. I'm pretty upset with myself. the Psoriasis on my scalp was basically non-existent but by the end of today itched and I could even feel some raised flaky areas. I really felt a break out today and all because of my screw ups this week. I started out the day so good, then at lunch blew it completely and I was not in a position to play Russian Roulette with my Psoriasis after the cheats earlier this week. How do I get myself to realize...certain foods are POISON TO ME! Tomorrow and the next day I need to be serious. Which shouldn't be hard if I'm broken out. It's when I really start to see improvements that I get reckless.



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