HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 45,  5/15/2008
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MORNING: Well here I am. Day 45 May 15th 2008. Time sure does go by fast. I'm been obviously impatient but in perspective I have made allot of improvements to my Psoriasis. Will I make my 90 day goal? don't know but since this is a lifelong challenge what's the difference. I should probably focus more on the fact that this program is something I will always have to do. If not, I'll just go off the program after 90 days and that would be stupid. I'll end up having to start all over again. My condition score came up a little today as expected but I'm glad allot of the redness is gone. What's left is increased flaking. Allot of that will likely come off in the shower of course. Well not much more time. Off to work I go. I don't feel like taking pictures but I will. 
EVENING: Well it's 5:00 PM. I just checked the condition of Psoriasis in the mirror. Interesting, flakiness definitely seems to be there a little bit more but there is a reddish ring around most of them. Almost as if the middle of each Psoriasis is healing but the outside edges are either getting worse or just staying redder than the centers. I ate way too much chicken for lunch so had to hit myself for -20. overall right now I am at 30 points program score now. I won't have too high of numbers today but I'm determined to make up for it. (of course didn't I say yesterday I would eat nothing but my shakes today?). Did not have the ingredients to make shakes last night so this is what happens for not being prepared. Tonight I can make the shakes and will do as I originally planned the next couple of days. 
LATE: 11:00 PM. Feel like I'm having a full blown break out. Flaking and thickness feels like maybe it's increasing. I guess in perspective, compared to the previous 40 days I did blow it pretty bad. Over the weekend I had beef, I had bunch of greasy corn chips, then I had that big bowl of ice cream with the chocolate brownie, then I fried and breaded chicken with white rice and finally today I had all that chicken with all that teriyaki sauce...all things I knew better than to do. Well, I guess there is no doubt I can't do those things. So bummed right now. I'll turn it around. somehow I really have to adopt a "no cheat" attitude for the program.




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