HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 47,  5/17/2008
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MORNING: may 17th 2008. Day 47 it's about 10:00 AM Saturday. I was a little down hearted today because in the shower my Psoriasis felt a bit thicker than have in the past weeks and a bit redder too. I guess I shouldn't be surprise. Why should I expect that cheating on my program won't have adverse effects. I wish I had more will power. It seems like sometimes I justify things in the strangest, "oh I had that chocolate yesterday, I'm not so bad today, maybe I can eat this ice cream today?". I'm angry because I'm not going to be clear by my anniversary on the 26th and it's all my fault. looking at my program scores since I started taking record and I've blown it many times. I really have to push for more consistency moving forward or I won't even make my 90 day goal.



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