HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 48,  5/18/2008
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MORNING: Sunday May 18, 2008. Well I'm happy to wake up and find very little thickness and reduced redness. Just a little flakiness and minor crusting over (which turns into flaking later). They don't itch and maybe, just maybe I'm headed back towards real progress again. I did good on my program yesterday and wish to keep it up today (and the rest of my life). Overall my condition seem to make a big stride towards improvement this morning. 
EVENING: Well it's about 11:00. I did pretty good all day except for the small glass of wine I had with dinner so I end the day with a score of 70. Not too bad. Psoriasis looks pretty darn good tonight. I showed my brother and he said "wooooh. That doesn't even look like psoriasis". I looked in one of his mirrors and under the 60 watt bulbs it really does look good. at rooms distance I can barely see them. One thing worth considering is that the photos I take are always in bright filtered sunlight first thing in the morning before lotion or bathing. I haven't taken a shower since this morning and there is very little flaking. My nails however might be being stubborn. Overall though I'm happy with myself and today's progress.




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