HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 49,  5/19/2008
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Sorry. No photos of my psoriasis today.


MORNING: May 19th 2008. Day 49. Well I don't have much time but just real quick I woke up to an itchy flaky and reddened condition. I was really looking good last night and I'm surprised how quickly my condition worsened over night. Note to self...Alcohol of any kind cannot be consumed in any quality ever again. Not even red wine. Also, don't eat things that are burned or charcoaled. I like BBQ meat with a little burning on the outside but that chicken I had last night was really burned and I ate it. Apparently this is a no. no. I will add it to the list of can't do's. 

EVENING: it's pretty late. I didn't take a pictures today but that's ok. I need a break now and then from the routine. My psoriasis is doing really interesting things. its so hard to tell if I'm getting better or worse throughout the day. I can look in the mirror at one point in time and wow, things looks really good, few hours later and its. like "what happened?". The best explanation I can think of is there is a major fight going on between good and evil. Psoriasis being evil, My body trying to correct the problem being good. I'll call it the candle flicker. Ever watch a flame about to go out...right before it does it will flicker almost violently...I think my flaming psoriasis is about to die and it's flickering to fight it. Just a guess. who knows and we will certainly see. time for bed.




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