HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 51,  5/21/2008
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MORNING: DAY 61 May 21, 2008. Woke up this morning pretty excited to see that it seems I'm continuing to improve. One two steps forward, one and a half back. My chart numbers almost made a new record low but not quite. Of course comparing pictures I think I did hit a new record low. I guess the Psoriasis condition number is only a guestimate, but not 100% accurate and is probably subject to my mood on any given day. At least I'm, doing it at the same time each day. Always just after I wake up before any eating, showering or anything. I note my condition score just after I take pictures. I've been a little lazy the past few days regarding my notes but I have been doing really well on my program. I'm also feeling like I am losing a bit of weight. I should get a scale to track that so I know how much to eat each day. I'm been doing pretty well eating mainly the shakes supplemented only by good foods on my ok list and lots of water.



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