HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 52,  5/22/2008
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MORNING: Day 52 May 22, 2008. I am so happy right now! Just told my wife I think I hit a new milestone today for Psoriasis improvement. I felt I should start posting progress so far for others on the internet to see but she advised I wait until I am completely clear. I finally agreed. I'm just so proud of myself. Something seems to have really clicked in my thinking. I was previously just going up and down in how well I stuck to my program and as a clear result, my P condition was also doing the same. I so encouraged to find that my documented high program scores are directly pushing my P condition scores down. This is supported by the photos which I am taking just about every day now. "Keep it up" I tell myself..."Keep it up". If history is any indication I will probably see some spikes back up from here but the two steps forward one step back theory seems to be holding! IDEA: What if I started a website that Psoriasis sufferers could log to each day tracking all of the most common food types, bowel movements, water intake and their Psoriasis condition. As a worldwide effort combining tons of data we should be able to find patterns in the information...this is freaking brilliant (I think). I'm going to run with this one!!! 
AFTERNOON: well right now it is 3:15 in the afternoon. I can't believe I ate that Cesar salad. It was drowned in dressing and I ate it all. That was lunch time and only one hour later I start to feel my skin crawl. I was doing perfect on my diet then blew it with lunch. I was at a score of 50 now I've been struck down to 30. Let this be a lesson to me..."I CAN'T CHEAT ON MY PROGRAM!!!" it's also further proof that diet can and does effect Psoriasis...I'll be ok. I'll be ok.



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