HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 54,  5/24/2008
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MORNING: Sat May 24, 2008 9:00 AM. DAY 54. Well it's Saturday and I was glad to find that my Psoriasis seems to be working towards recovering from my cheats on Thursday. The flaking has been tamed again, they are [not] thick at all and redness also seems to be reduced from yesterday. I will be determined to get a high score today to keep the progress. I'm a bit frustrated however at the progress of my nails. They really seem to be stubborn about healing. I wonder if they have gotten worse even. 
EVENING: It's about 10:00 PM. Today I was both good and bad on my diet. Bad is the fact that I didn't bother to make my shakes. Good however is that I ate pretty healthy and drank plenty of water and I didn't eat anything that I shouldn't. I would however have a much better score had I drank my shakes as I'm suppose to. I made them finally at about 9:00 so that I will have my shakes for tomorrow. I had a couple of happy moments today regarding the progress my P is taking. In the afternoon I went to put some lotion on my stomach and found that the slight pressure temporarily caused the blood to rush from my lesions (like when you push on a sunburn and then remove your finger). For about 10 seconds after rubbing on the lotion my skin looked normal. I had to show my wife and she seemed pretty impressed with the progress. Maybe I'll take a picture like that, then again, I'm afraid it might be misleading. I'll stick with what I'm doing.


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