HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 55,  5/25/2008
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MORNING: May 25 2008. Day 55. Well I don't have much time but I was able to take pictures this morning. I think I may have hit a new improvement milestone. Woke up with the least amount of flaking I believe I have seen yet.
EVENING: it's about 10:00 at night. Today was encouraging. First, I made a new milestone in progress, secondly, we had a going away party for my little brother today and while there was plenty of food I should not eat, I brought my shakes and only ate the stuff I should. I actually end today with a maximum score of 100. YEAH! The best part is that I truly had no desire to break my diet. I didn't want those taboo foods. Something has finally clicked. I realize this is how things are so what's the point of cheating on my diet. Documentation has shown I will pay the price every time and a break out is simply not worth it. 


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