HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 59,  5/29/2008
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AFTERNOON: well it's 12:30 I just go back into the office after running around this morning. Stopped at the house for lunch but didn't have time to make my shakes or anything else healthy. I was starving...I'm basically trying to make excuses for the fact that I blew my program big time. I was only at about 20 points then I ate about three bowls of corn and rice cereal...with milk. That's gonna hurt. I'm going to see a concert tonight in Santa Barbara, I think I'm just going to write today off for what it is going to be...a big cheat. hopefully I won't eat anything too bad for dinner. Tomorrow I'm sure my P will look much worse than today. If it doesn't then I will really need to be careful or else I'll convince myself that I was able to get away with breaking my diet.


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