HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 65,  6/4/2008
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MORNING June 4 2008. Well I have been really bad at making notes since Thursday of last week. I have also been bad about making my shakes, however, Overall I'm sticking to the rest of my program by way of staying away from forbidden foods...but that apparently is not enough. I must get back to making and drinking the shakes more. I drank one yesterday morning left over from a batch I made Monday but failed to make them on Tuesday. My Psoriasis is a bit redder as can be seen in the photos. So I've taken a few steps back and stunted my improvements. I guess after two months it's expected to really start slacking but this is a life long endeavor so there is no excuses. I really have to get my act together again. Because I also failed to log my program and psoriasis condition scores over the last 6 days I went back and gave "best guess" numbers. Really wish I didn't fail to log those but all I can change is what I do today and tomorrow. 


This marks the 6th day of a month long lazy streak. For about the next 25 days I was bad about taking photos, making notes and making my shakes. I still kept away from forbidden foods but I wasn't nearly as devoted. Condition continued to improve (especially the redness) and the about the last week of June 2008 start reversing so in late June I starting taking things serious again.

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