HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 65,  6/4/2008
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MORNING: June 5 2008. Well this kind of bites. My laziness is catching up. Today they are pretty red and starting to flak more. they are starting to look like regular Psoriasis again. Due to this I was prompted to make my shakes today. Looks like now that I finally see the negative results of not taking my program serious this past week I'll actually start doing things right again. Problem is, it took a week of no shakes to get where I am with a worse long will it take to correct my error. Hopefully not long but I bet it takes at least as long as it took. Big step backwards indeed.


This marks the first week of a month long lazy streak. For about the next 25 days I was bad about taking photos, making notes and making my shakes. I still kept away from forbidden foods but I wasn't nearly as devoted. Condition continued to improve (especially the redness) and the about the last week of June 2008 start reversing so in late June I starting taking things serious again.

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