HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 67,  6/6/2008
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MORNING June 6 2008. Wow! I'm so excited! last night I took a shower and notice that the Psoriasis was very thin, very little redness and quickly improving again. What's so exciting is that I had only started back on my shakes yesterday after failing to make them consistently for almost a week. I'm becoming more and more convinced that there is something about my shakes that makes a really huge difference. I know diet works, I know my shakes work but since I started really logging things I'm really blown away at the difference between drinking the shakes and just sticking to a strict diet. Today is a good day. Yesterday was a pretty good score at 75. Today I will shoot for higher, but wow what a difference since the photo from two days ago. I wish I would have taken a photo yesterday morning to show the one day difference. Regardless, so impressive. I'm glad to be finding rebound excitement about my program. I was getting lazy and less serious. This is just the boost I needed. Look at those nails too. They really do seem to be improving since I started back on my program a little over two months ago.


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