HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 70,  6/9/2008
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MORNING June 9 2008. Well my bad note taking continues but I did take pictures today. I missed doing so yesterday so I allowed two days to pass without a photo. Today's pictures look really good. to the touch however my Psoriasis were a bit raised and slightly flaky. After my shower they seemed a bit redder and I worried that maybe I will see a break out soon. Last night I made the mistake of having a pina colada alcoholic drink. just a small one but it didn't take much to send me itching about 45 minutes later. I think the flaking I saw this morning were the after affects of a little flare up last night. I will be making shakes today. I must. I can't lose ground. If I don't I just know this past week of program laziness will catch up with me. 


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