HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 74,  6/13/2008
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LATE AT NIGHT: Friday June 13 2008. Well its really late. its actually 12:30 midnight. Today I blew my diet and yesterday I blew my diet. Now I am going to pay the price. Red spots are starting to re-appear. they a getting bumpy and it seems I am going to get broken out. Tomorrows picture will clearly show what happens when you eat something things you shouldn't for a day or two and don't drink your shakes. Here is what I did wrong. First, it started yesterday when someone told me I was looking too thin. Skinny was the word they used. I have thinned quite a bit with the program and so I decided I really needed to eat something. I happened to be in Wal-Mart and so was a McDonalds). Stupid me. I haven't had fast food in I don't know how long but I decided I was going to get a grilled chicken sandwich, but to be good, no mayo and no tomatoes. But I did eat the stupid white bread (that sure was a good tasting sandwich however). Then in the checkout stand I saw some gummy candies that looked really good and I bought them. When I got to the car I had about two handfuls. Once again stupid. That was yesterday, today I decided to have a chicken salad. Nothing wrong with that. no dressing, but I did have two crackers and a nice big slice of pecan pie. as can be seen in my scoring chart I just have not been logging things, or paying much attention to the program at all. I got some really good progress going and then got lazy. Looking back you can read about some days where I promised I was going to get back on track, but I didn't. So basically the last two weeks I have been terrible at logging, and sticking to my program. whatever little things I might have missed is that important, the facts are I haven't given the program the attention it demands and now I'm about to break out. If I get a full blown break out I'll be heart broken. I'm already pretty bummed about how things are worsening. I can't let Psoriasis beat me...I know how to win. fight damn it fight! tomorrow is a new day. make it count! I have to turn the bad back into good habits right away.


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