HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 78,  6/17/2008
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MORNING June 17 2008. Well I don't have much time for pictures today but just wanted to note that yesterday was not too bad as far as diet goes but I still have not taken t he time to create my shakes and that is not good. Bit itchy today. Actually really itchy. I have to run now but I plan on making my shakes tonight possibly and betting back into a solid routine. No matter what I have done to cut corners its clear that not doing the program has bad results as I am starting to flake again. got to go. EVENING: it's 10:14 PM at least I'm logging things but I really failed at my program. Never did make my shakes and for lunch I went to my favorite restaurant, ordered a greasy & cheesy tuna melt and then another slice of pecan pie. Here is what I told myself at lunch. "well tonight I'm gonna make my shakes and really get serious again and so I will treat myself to this one last good meal". Pretty stupid reasoning but that is how my mind justifies things. I will blow all of my hard work if I don't stop fooling around. I'm going to look at my photos of where I started...maybe that will be motivation to get back on the program and totally clear myself. 


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