HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 82,  6/21/2008
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Evening: June 21 2008. The usual pictures of my chest, hand & foot were taken this morning as normal. The picture of my back was taken about 6 in the evening (moments ago). Previously I have not take pictures of my back because I didn't want to embarrass myself or trouble my wife for help, however, I have found a way to take consistent pictures by putting the camera on self timer on the shelf of our shower and then sitting on the edge of the tub. Note the difference in how my stomach has improved vs. my back. Even though I didn't take pictures, my stomach was always much worse than my back but these photos show my back looking worse. Why? Here are some theories... A) All of my focus has been on improving my stomach. Did my mind actually play a part in healing my front side more? I think it's possible. Who really knows the power of the mind to improve or heal (or cause) ailments? I'm just saying it's a possibility that would be supported by my results. The other opinion may be a bit more simple to accept, that is, I haven't been scratching my front side, but I regular scratch the itchy Psoriasis on my back. Often to the point of bleeding. The two areas of my back I know I scratch most are the upper and lower portions (considerably in worse condition) ... so from here on out NO SCRATCHING!!!! If it itches grin a bear it. I still have not started making my shakes again. I guess this puts me at nearly 3 weeks of lax on my program. I think my condition is overall worse, if not flat lined on improving so it's time to get serious again, I know I keep saying that but it really isn't easy to adhere to the discipline of this program.


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