HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 88,  6/27/2008
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MORNING Friday June 27 2008. Well we've seen over the past few weeks what Psoriasis looks like as it's improving, today is a perfect example of how things look after breaking my diet for so long. Especial considering the dinner I had last night. Maybe now I will finally take the program serious again. Notice on the picture of my front side how there are a bunch of little red dots with slight flaking. The little red dots are breaking out in the areas that once were full blown psoriasis (look at April 19th pictures). I don't know if I will be able to avoid a full blown break out. If I do break out I think it will be due to the lack of program dedication over the past month and may take a few weeks to clear from my system. I hope I'm wrong but my guess is that even if I stick to my diet perfectly I will break out over the next few weeks. it may take a full month to get back to where I was a week ago. Also, it seems logical that the continued improvement of my Psoriasis over the first few weeks of June were due to how well I did in April and May. Who really knows for sure the timelines but one thing is clear, stick to my program and I eventually clear, go off the program and I eventually break out. EVENING: Its about 11:15 PM. I still did not make my shakes but I did work out, drink lots of water and eat pretty good without any forbidden foods. Ended the day with a score of 65. Not too bad. Today I decided to finally post my results on the internet for others. 


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