HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 90,  6/29/2008
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AFTERNOON: Saturday June 28 2008. It seems that the red spots I saw yesterday are beginning to improve. Maybe I will be able to avoid a full blown break out yet. I will be so glad if that is true. Today I made my shakes for the first time in about a month I think. Hopefully this will be the beginning of being very serious about my program again. One interesting thing I'm noticing is that my toenails really haven't improved since I started this whole program in April. I know however that in the past I have managed to get them 95% clear of any psoriasis condition. All I can do is keep at it an hope it turns around. I guess it would make sense that the toenails would take a long time to improve. I'm also glad to have found a way to take good pictures of my back. So far today I'm at a program score of 50 so I think I'll have one of the first high scoring days in quite some time.


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