HOW I BEAT PSORIASIS!  DAY 90,  6/29/2008
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MORNING Sunday June 29 2008. I'm proud to say that I finally seem to be serious about doing my program again. I made shakes yesterday and even prepared enough of the ingredients to make them quickly for the next few days. I'm really itchy today but fortunately I think this is because I'm going through a rapid healing process due to the program. I've mentioned this before and observed it many times. It's likely I could see the reddening increase a bit over the next few days since its been a while since I've taken the program seriously and now my body will have to clean out the stuff that I did wrong this past month and get use to the shakes again. 


WELL I GUESS THIS IS 90 DAYS. 3 full months of documenting the progress. If I only would have kept the program through June, where would I be? On to round two. The next 90 days. I'm hoping for major improvements at my 6 month mark. I could even be completely clear. We'll see. I'll keep documenting!

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