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"Hello Charles, I'm sending you this e-mail, first of all to thank you again very very much for the program, all the information in the program has help me a lot with my psoriasis, I'm following pretty much all the advices that you give on your program, I'm eating healthier and avoiding all the thing that may trigger my psoriasis...I also want to tell you that before I started this program I was a little overweight so far I've lost about 35 pounds and let me tell you I feel great!!! All the good things that you suggest in your program, they're all my best friends now. I can't thank you enough for sharing your program, as I'm finding out, this program could also could help some other people controlling their psoriasis who are suffering with this condition, for some reason I don't like to call it "disease" sorry It's just me. Thanks again and GOD bless you, we'll keep in touch.

PS: I've included some pictures of my improvement."

R. from Guatemala.

IN JUST 3 WEEKS...11/16/2008 to 12/9/2008


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